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Ultra Cycle AB050


Τhe Ultra Cycle AB050 is a great total body bike for all levels of users!

The Evocardio ReNegaDe Ultra Cycle AB050 is a full body workout that builds muscle and improves cardiovascular endurance. The fan resistance increases as you pedal faster, while also keeping you cool. Featuring a great look and feel, including multi-grip handlebars allow for all users to find a comfortable hand position. A smooth, natural, unlimited airflow/magnetic resistance (12 levels), provided by the double heavy-duty 56cm steel fan with cross-bonded steel blades, allows for a huge range of resistance options.

The ergonomic moulded PU seat provides extra comfort and durability and the anti-slip adjustable foot stops for more stability. With the infinitely adjustable quick release handles adjustment, you easily modify the the seat and multi-grip handle for your ideal setup.

To move your bike, use the knurled handles at the back to easily pick up the ReNegaDE. Designed to withstand and be fully equipped, the ReNegaDe Ultra Cycle is a useful machine for even the most demanding athletes!


3 mm steel main frame structure for superior strength

56 cm, with cross-bonded steel blades, double sealed cartridge bearing in the central hub of the fan

Low maintenance, endless Poly-V double belt

Standard pedal thread 9/16 inch x 20 tpi

Anti-slip adjustable foot stops, 3 mm thick tubing stabilizers, nylon fiber integrated transport wheels


Smooth, natural, limitless air/magnetic resistance

Specially designed multi-handle grips

Large moulded PU seat for a more comfortable workout

Infinitely adjustable quick release saddle adjustment – up/down/ forward/back – to easily modify the seat for your ideal setup

Handle with knurled grip for easy pick up and move

Ergonomically molded seat

Console Large LCD screen with a wireless receiver displays all workout data in easy to read format
Workout modes 8, including 10/20 and 0/10 intervals, target settings and heart rate control
Features Time, RPM, Speed, Distance, Calories, Watts
Selectors Easy one-touch mode selector
Power Battery powered console
Output Shown in watts, giving you an accurate measurement to track your progress and improve your performance
Abmessungen Gerät L 133 x H 72 x W 142 cm
Nettogewicht 85.5 kg
Bruttogewicht 106 kg
Max. Benutzergewicht 150 kg
Garantie Rahmen: lebenslang
Teile: 2 Jahre
Verschleißteile: 6 Monate